Totally stuck? Miss a line of dialogue? Looking for a quick recap of what you've already seen? This is the place for you. But be warned: this page contains SPOILERS! If you wish to complete the Dream:scape experience on your own, turn back now!

Chapter 1: the old cabin
Chapter 2: mr. starcher's barn
Chapter 3: Amelia's father
Chapter 4: the riverbend
Chapter 5: the hilltop church (part 1)
Chapter 6: bastion falls
Chapter 7: the airfield
Chapter 8: the hilltop church (part 2)
Chapter 9: the final picnic
Chapter 10: the overheard phone call
Chapter 11: the lake walk
Chapter 12: the demento:scape
Young Amelia: “Promise me there will always be a safe place. Promise me we’ll always be together…”

You come upon a ramshackle cabin, but the doors are locked. Where did you hide the key? (Answer below)
(Look in the hollow tree.)

Young Amelia: “Someday you can fly me away from this place, Wilson. You can fly me away to the Big City in your very own airplane…”

Diary Entry: We discovered it in the fields between our houses. For me it was the ultimate club-house. For Amelia it was a refuge, a safe place. Amelia’s father never found out about it, and neither did my folks. There, I dreamed of becoming an airplane pilot. Amelia dreamed of going to the Big City and becoming a famous ballet dancer. She made me promise to fly her away someday. It was a promise I was happy to make. I was sure it was only a matter of time. Of course, I was just a child then.

Amelia: “Shh! If old man Starcher hears us he’ll chase us down with a pitchfork. Go on up to the loft. I hid a lantern up there, and some sandwiches…”

The old barn ladder is missing some rungs. Fortunately you’re pretty good with a hammer. But where can you find one? (Answer below)
(Look in the back corner of the old cabin.)

Amelia: “It’s you, Wilson. You’re my first kiss. It was always going to be you, wasn’t it?”

Diary Entry: Horace Starcher was a legendary figure in our world. I was terrified of him. Amelia was the only one brave enough to sneak into his barn. She convinced me to come along, and it was one of the best thrills of my life. It wasn’t just that the barn was so huge, or the loft so high. It wasn’t even the danger of defying Horace Starcher. It was the simple delight of sharing an adventure with Amelia. For her, danger was like wine. With her, the barn became a magical place. Maybe that’s why I kissed her

Amelia: “Aww, Sig looks mean. But just remember, he’s a sucker for a few table scraps…”

Sig is the guardian of the memories about Amelia’s father, and he’ll rip you apart if you try to pass him. Maybe you can toss some food into the field to distract him? But where will you find something he’d like? (Answer below.)
(Balance on the barn loft rafters to find the sandwiches Amelia left there.)

Amelia's Father: “Amelia! Where do you think you’re gallivantin’ off to with that farm rat? You get in here this minute, daughter, and fix my dinner!”

Amelia: “He drinks his dinner most nights. But if I don’t cook up something anyway he’ll hide me black and blue…”

Diary Entry: His name was Lawrence. It always struck me as a fancy- sounding name for such a horrible old drunk. Amelia’s mother had died years earlier, and the old man had never gotten over it. To make up for the loss, he hoarded his daughter to himself, refusing to share her with the world. He tried to crush her spirit so she would never leave him. In their house, love turned into slavery. Amelia loved her father. She loved him just as much as she hated him. I never understood it. Lawrence detested me. I think he knew from the beginning that I was going to take his daughter away from him someday.

Amelia: “Bugs bite pretty awful down by the river. Let’s go find my dad’s bug sprayer!”

A cloud of insects descends on you as you attempt to climb onto the boulder in the middle of the Riverbend. But where did you and Amelia hide the trusty old DDT sprayer? (Answer below.)
(climb the supports under the covered bridge.)

Amelia (laughing): “No! Don’t you dare push me into the water, Frank Dodd! I can’t swim! Save me, Wilson!”

Frank Dodd: “Oh, that water’s barely two feet deep. You just like playing the damsel in distress for ol’ Wilson.”

Diary Entry: Amelia, me and Frank Dodd spent most of our summers down at the Riverbend. That’s where we all became best friends and grew up together. It was on those long Sundays that we planned our future-- Amelia was going to dance on Broadway and Frank and I would race planes in the regional Air Derbies. Frank had enough confidence for the three of us. Even then, he had the airman good-looks and daring buzz-cut. I wanted to be like him, but some things just have to come naturally.

Frank Dodd: “You can pick the graveyard gate with a length of old coat hanger, Wilson. I stashed some up on the bluff… if you know how to climb…”

The Hilltop Church gates are locked shut, but you and Frank have known how to pick it since you were ten. All you need is that length of coat hanger, but where is it? (Answer below.)
(Climb the bluff between the church and the tunnel, but be careful on the ladders.)

Amelia: “I know you want to do the ‘honorable thing’, Wilson… but you just can’t ask my father. It’s not that he won’t consent to you marrying me. It’s that he might up and shoot you with his rabbit gun. And me, too, likely as not…”

Diary Entry: We’d joked about getting married for as long as I could remember. I never dared to hope she really meant it. I teased her that we could just elope. We could run off to the Big City like she’d always dreamed. All she had to pack was her ballet slippers. She said she’d always wanted to be married at the Hilltop Church. I determined to make her hope a reality...

Frank Dodd: “Like Reverend Grant always says, Wilson: some creatures only speak the language of the gunshot…”

An enormous vulture acts as the guardian of the memories beyond the covered bridge. You’ll need something big to scare it off, but what? (Answer below.)
(Remember that Reverend Grant always kept a rifle stashed by the church steps.)

Amelia: “So what if it’s bad luck? I don’t have any mother to show my wedding dress to. It’s mostly for you, anyway, isn’t it? Oh, let’s do something nice on the last day before we’re married. Let’s have a picnic up at our old place in Mr. Starcher’s barn. I’ll bring the lantern, but this time you bring the picnic basket…”

Diary Entry: Everything seemed to happen at once. Frank's dad was an important man in nearby Bastion Falls. He used his pull to get both Frank and I jobs at the local airfield. Frank was a natural-born pilot. I didn't have the money to get flight certified, so in the meantime I worked as a hangar mechanic, fixing up the crop-dusters and Frank's derby planes. Life was good, and I was feeling confident. I asked Amelia to marry me, and she said yes. She told her father that evening, expecting a fight. Strangely, Lawrence didn't say anything at all. He just went out to the field to work. We counted ourselves lucky. I should've known better.

Amelia: “I like that you’re a mechanic, Wilson. There’s just something about a man who knows his way around a garage…”

A haunted truck guards the tunnel passageway, ready to run you down the moment you enter. Perhaps you can find something to slow it down or send it out of control? (Answer below.)
(Find the oil can next to the filling station in Bastion Falls. It’ll make a great oil slick.)

Frank Dodd: “She’s my friend too, Wilson. We grew up together, didn’t we? You have to face the facts: Amelia is flighty as a bird. She’ll never settle down for long. If you can’t sweep her away to ‘the Big City’, she’ll go along with the first guy that can! She’s gonna break your heart, Wil. I’m friend enough to tell you. End it while you still can…”

Diary Entry: Frank always knew there was something between Amelia and I. He sensed it was serious even before we did, and liked to joke about it. Even when Amelia and I dated other people from town, he would insist we were just fooling ourselves. But he didn't approve. Privately, he warned me that Amelia would never settle for a quiet life in Bastion Falls. She was destined for the city, for a ballet dancing career and endless strings of adoring boyfriends. Even when she agreed to marry me, Frank warned me to call it off. I was unfazed by his doubts. After all, I’d get my own pilot’s license soon. Then I would keep my promise to Amelia. I would fly her away with me to the Big City.

You hear the tolling of a bell. Follow the sound to the Hilltop Church. The doors will open this time, letting you inside (if you truly wish to learn the secret hidden there)
Reverend Grant: “I’m sorry, my son. You aren’t the first young man to be left at the altar and you won’t be the last. It isn’t your fault. It just wasn’t meant to be…”

Amelia's Father: “I told ya she’d never marry the likes of you. She up and left ya, didn’t she? She up and left us all, forever, and it’s all your fault. None of this would have happened if not for you!”

Diary Entry: I never saw her again. I never heard from her. I never knew where she ended up. Or if she was happy. I always expected she would come back someday. My last memory of her is of that last picnic in Mr. Starcher’s barn, the night before…

The Diary has taken you as far as it can. You’ve learned everything you knew in your waking life. But perhaps here, in the Dream:scape, you can see things a bit more clearly. Perhaps there are still deeper secrets you can uncover.

It all starts by revisiting Mr. Starcher’s Barn. Climb to the loft. Find the scene of your last picnic with Amelia. What’s that glittering object on the blanket?
Amelia: “That… it’s from Frank. He called me the other day from the hangar. He wanted me to… Wilson, I’m just not sure he should even be at the wedding. What if he does something stupid? You know how brash he can be… I only ever dated him once. He took me out on the lake in that old rowboat of his… thought if I was his captive audience he could work his charms on me. He’s sweet… but he’s just so impulsive…”

You know where to go next, and you know what you are going to find. You overheard it, long ago, although you’ve blocked out the memory. It was too hard to face in the waking world. In the Dream:scape, however, you cannot avoid it. Return to the airfield hangar. Climb the stairs to Frank Dodd’s office door. And listen…
Frank Dodd (through the office door): “I saw you and him at the dress shop… Amelia, you can’t go through with it. Yes, we do need to talk about it, but not on the telephone. I know tomorrow is the day of your wedding, but you can still meet me tonight, can’t you? For old time’s sake? All right. Meet me at our special spot… where we had our first date…”

This is it. You remember what Amelia said. The “special spot” is the lake, where she and Frank had their one and only date. Go there now. Pass the church, go under the train bridge, and turn right. You’ll find your way from there.
Frank Dodd: “...Amelia… if I can’t have you… no one can…”

All Dreamscapes are connected, but not all of them are as nicely ordered as yours. There is only one thing to do now, and that’s to find your way into Frank Dodd’s memories and make him face his guilt. But Frank is an old, old man now, half submerged in dementia. Where might you find the portal into his dreamscape? And what will you do when you get there? (Partial answer below.)
(Look under the scene of Frank’s guilt: the lake itself is the portal.)

From here, you're on your own. I suspect you can find the way...