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Some of the Best Esports Live Streaming Websites

Some of the Best Esports Live Streaming Websites

Technology, with its algorithms, is becoming one of the pioneers in the gaming industry has helped the gamers to play via live streaming ability. The gamers find special joy and happiness when they play online live streaming apps and its incorporated technologies. There is a various platform where you can acquire the best gaming platform live streaming. In the following article, we will see some of the best video gaming streaming platform famous this year and probably the next few years to come. Let us dive right into the article.



The first and the foremost live streaming website to watch for is none other than the Twitch. It is voted and rate as the first and the best streaming app ever made in history. The company was made in the year 2011 and is situated in San Francisco, United States. The gaming platform is famous for its ability to offer the best video gaming platform for gamers throughout the world. The website is supported in various spaces, especially PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Twitch, from its inception onwards, is trying and has not let down its customers and players from offering the best contents like channel creation, live chat, and revenue generation.

The second and the most widely popular website is none other than the great It was found in the year 2015 and is situated in Cupertino, United States. The live streaming video platform is a VR platform that gives the players the best space to play Esports and engage in various VR competitions as well. The technology that is integrated into the playing video platform helps you to play in an amazing playground. This technology allows the players to stream this technology in various iOS and Android platforms.


The third one on the lost is none other than the great StreamElements. The company was found in the year 2016 and is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel. This website, unlike the other websites, is a cloud developed platform that helps the players to play with the utmost security in the monetization and community growth issues. The website is known to offer one of the best live gaming websites that also provides a chatbot to help and aid the players further if any query emerges.



The fourth and the last one on the list is nine other than the popular ImbaTV. Founded in the year 2014, ImbaTV is famous for broadcasting much online gaming as well as other platforms and events. Some of the significant websites followed by the website are Starcraft 2, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and DC Universe Online.


The above given are some of the best live gaming streamlining websites that help the players to pay more efficiently as well as effectively with no restriction to its HD and other platforms.

The Ultimate Esports Betting Guide to League of Legends

The Ultimate Esports Betting Guide to League of Legends

The masterminds behind this striking innovative multiplayer online battle arena are the Riot Games. The driving force for this game to actualise is the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

The primary factors contributing to the success of LoL are the top-notch competitive calendar and the exuberance of lower-tier tournaments.

The fluttering on LoL is thriving chiefly because of LoL’s wholesome esports ecosystem. The amalgamation of esports betting and LoL has engendered an effervescent vogue.


The Popularity of League of Legends

The entertainment is not limited to watching it but is also extended to its gameplay. The appeal for this game is a coalescence of the addictiveness it fosters being teamwork- an intensive game in the MOBA genre. The significant aspect was the visionary that LoL was, spearheading for others to follow like Dota 2.

The LoL is an immensely popular esports title. It was their tournament that succoured in bringing the esports industry to the notice of the public gaze. The Herculean competitiveness is under the scrutiny of franchised leagues present worldwide.

The primary appeal to esports aficionados is a well-organized ecosystem blended with franchise systems that have extensive stability. These are the significant factors propelling the industry from hiding beneath its silhouette. The impressive aesthetics also adds to the creative appeal it has over its enthusiasts.

League of Legends

The Splendid League of Legends Bets

Let us delve into the LoL exclusive bets.

First Blood

The very first kill in the League of Legends match is referred to as the first blood. An exhilarating bet that you can discover within the initial ten minutes in a match. This bet is fast-paced and requires that amorous winning stroke from Lady Luck.

At the same time, it can be mastered by indulging in extensive research and statistics. When placing the bet, the first blood presents you with the option of choosing between team A and team B. A simple, straightforward bet.

First to Take Baron

Yet another variant of the first bet. The global aim in LoL is Baron Nashor, as it has the capability to make and break. However, this bet is quite simple.

Here you are wagering on the team that you believe will kill the first Baron of the match. It is not a cakewalk, and with a deeper understanding of Baron tactics, you could ace this bet.


Match Duration

The special you will be thrilled about the most and yet again, a simple one. This is an objective-based game and not a round-based one. Once one team completes the objective will only the bet actualise. Here one team needs to disintegrate the other team’s base.

Top 4 Differences between Esports Players and Streamers

Top 4 Differences between Esports Players and Streamers

Video games have influenced a lot of people, especially when the market hits 2020. Not much has changed, but the way modern society embrace the video technology and its algorithms have attracted a lot of players to the field, making it to the profession and most highly ranked ones in the market. These two rank holders are Streamers as well as Esports players. There are a lot of players loving to place their hands and souls on these careers and built a fantastic profession from this. With that said, we will see some of the greatest and undiscussed differences between both the streams. We will see some of the significant differences in the following post. Without any delay, let us hit the post.


The first and the main difference we are going to discuss here is none other than the platform through which they play. The way the professionals communicate with the other players or audience is very peculiar and different. Esports are entirely operated in luxury where the league controls their platform. But, when it comes to the streaming platform, the things are different. Streamers mostly do all their operations within themselves. Streamers also need to hunt down the perfect platform to play. Some of the examples of streaming spaces comprise of Twitch, Microsoft Mixer, and YouTube Live.



The second most difference between both platforms is non-other than the longevity. The career growth in Esports doesn’t long last while comparing to the streaming professionals. The money the Esports players acquire may only last till two to three years, and when they retire, they get a tendency to join the streaming websites and company. There are people and players of all ages you can find in the Twitch and Mixer playground. If you know how to keep up with the audience and other players, you are sure to build a fantastic career in the same.


The third topic we will be discussing here is another significant difference topic between the two, job opportunities. For those who don’t know the significant difference between both, we will make it clear to you. Streamers permit their game play arena to watch for their audience. But, when it comes to Esports professionals, things change. Esports players are everything and anything and about the various competitions that is presented before them in a platter. Esports players are extensive that they live to be the number one players in the market through winning unlike the streamers.

Potential Income

Another significant difference between them is the possible income platform. When it comes to Esports, they only have three ways to make the income, and they include salaries, sponsorships, as well as the prizes. The case is entirely different when it comes to streamers. They earn income from the streaming alone.

Top 4 Advantages of Playing Video Games and Esports

Top 4 Advantages of Playing Video Games and Esports

Gaming and Esports has been a fantastic friend during recess time or summer vacations. Parents might be whining about spending the entire day in front of your system and playing video games or Esports. What they or probably you may also not know that there are many benefits acquired to you when you play video games or Esports. Just like a coin, everything has its own negative and positive sides. Keeping the negative side apart, in this article, we will discuss more on the best benefits attained while you play online video game or Esports. We will see more in further post.

video game


The first and the foremost benefit we must not forget to mention in this list is none other than the health. Health is the first wealth if you ask us. Everything will remain zero if health is not looked after properly. Esports and video games will provide you with a proper and better focusing and attention to everything. You can see yourself facing lower stress issues, and if you are winning or enjoying, you feel content no matter whatever occurs. Gaming is obviously the most unique way of giving you better health conditions. It will also help you to make the Prefrontal Cortex, meaning, a part of your brain that aids in proper decision making more precise and accurate.

Hand Eye Coordination

The second and most benefit to the top list is none other than the HAND-EYE COORDINATION. Video game and Esports is a way how your hands and eye coordination and help you to win the game. This coordination will be smoothened with the help of video games. Just like tennis and badminton, where eye and hands play a significant part, video games will also be a significant difference. There are also studies that depict the hand movement, and the reflex actions and every gamer saw an improvement in the same.

Critical Thinking

The third one is Critical Thinking. This might be by far most useful and the most benefit of playing video games and Esports. If you don’t know about how gaming can help the gamers is by enhancing the critical thinking in the gaming platform. Critical thinking in gaming helps you to present information, processed and analyzed it, and takes a final logical step.

Problem Solving

The fourth benefit of playing video games and Esports is that they will help you to increase your problem-solving ability. Along with critical thinking and hand-eye coordination, playing video games also allows you to solve your own issue in a very vibrant way possible. This will also help you in real life when life put you in any problematic situations.

Top Esports Games for 2020

Top Esports Games for 2020

Every year esports witnesses colossal public gaze. Esports observed the continued focus of mainstream media in 2019, with the cosmic $30 million prize pool at the World Cup tournament organised by Fortnite.

This behemoth industry, according to research, is estimated to generate $1.79 billion annually by 2022. This magnificence of this industry is contributed by its gargantuan audience, impressive cash pots, and brilliant sponsorships.

There are a plethora of genres to select from; if your craving for shooters, you have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but if you want to revel in sports, you have the blend of both worlds NBA 2K. This simply leaves you in utter muse with a melange of options anticipating your ultimate selection.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The masterpiece of the esports industry. The reliability and competitive mastery of CSGO has been extended by top-notch esports organisations across the globe. To this very time, CSGO is described as an intense shooter game that involves tactics and prowess because of the high-level play that is mere milliseconds.

Players are frequently in awe of the game, along with the lucrative market it holds. At the same time, the loose professional scene of CSGO can result in a slightly chaotic situation. The linchpin is the continued tournaments annually for keeping the charm of the players intact.

Global Offensive

League of Legends

With a mammoth 140 champions, LoL offers the solace of a multiplayer online battle arena. The charm of this game is the dynamic characters crafted through skilful animation. The players have been well catered for with an enormous payout of over $70 million ever since its inception in 2008.

It lures the players with its impressive gameplay that transcended beyond imagination to celestial glory. They have captured the harmonious blend of esports and music to fashion an aesthetic piece of art. The most commendable work was RISE.


Fortnite is an innovative game that is a battle royale where players unfurl themselves on an island; once there, they have to gather weapons; as the safe area of the island shrinks, they are forced into engagements to keep themselves alive.

This has been the celebrated game in the media because it lures a younger demographic and the celebrities that it has engendered like the Ninja, Tfue, and CourageJD. The most recent well-acclaimed project was Fortnite’s collaboration with Travis Scott in April 2020. This event witnessed a smash-hit 12.3 million players.


Dota 2

The sole contender to League of Legends with a multiplayer online battle arena fashioned by Valve. The genesis of it can be traced back to 2013. The primary variance between the two is its fund-raising and tournament winnings. The International, Dota 2’s greatest tournament, had a prize pool of $34.3 million for its winner.

Top Esports Teams Across the Globe

Top Esports Teams Across the Globe

Esports is a shared zealous escapade. This is an extremely slippery domain where crafting a niche for oneself is a Herculean task, simply because it is an ever-evolving arena. The success of esports is based on seasonal success, along with points and earnings – the primary metrics.

This is what fosters a chasm between the seasoned and the novice players. At the same time, the lucrative world of esports is ever-expanding with the augmented number of players, the magnified sponsorship deals, and the overall evolution it has traversed – fashioning a buzz around esports.

With each year witnessing historic victories, the veteran teams ensure to keep their legacies impeccable.

Team Liquid

The dawning of this esports team was observed in 2000 in the Netherlands. The various competitions it participated in were based on StarCraft 2, followed by Dota 2, and then a series of LoL, Street Fighter, and Super Smash Bros. Their venture into the novel esports domain is effervescent.

Their finest achievement was bagging the winning streak for the International 2017 tournament, the highlight of this game was the massive prize pool, and this was based on Dota 2. Their sponsors are Alienware and Kingston Technology HyperX brand.


Cloud 9

A popular name prominent even outside of the esports community. The genesis of this team was in 2013, and following the successes in the North America LCS, they began to expand their influence to other games Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Melee, LoL, Rules of Survival, and much more.

After two years of their inception, in 2015, they realised their reverie and emerged first as the Heroes of the Storm World Championship. This victory accorded them with the title of the first North American winner of a major championship.

Being one among the celebrated esports organisation, it has engendered prominent sponsors that include HTC, MSI, and the US Air Force.


They were previously known as FaZe Sniping. FaZe Clan is both an entertainment and sports organisation carving its niche in FPS games and FIFA. Having been established in 2010, it was consistent in bagging trophies.

This was not a myth but actualised in their massive $6 million merely as a prize. The impressive social media following renders them as well-acclaimed. This whole team has a tremendous 82 million subscribers with greater than 11 billion views.


SK Gaming

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of this esports organisation founded in Germany. Their dawning was as early as 1997, enkindled by a Quake clan in Germany, and there was never a looking back for them as a team.

The team etched their name in the esports industry, winning several Counter-Strike tournaments and soon branched out to Brazil. They won the ESLA ONE Cologne 2016 Major, with their teams now competing in LoL and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The major sponsors include Mountain Dew.

Top 5 Video Games Widely Known as Esports

Top 5 Video Games Widely Known as Esports

From time immemorial onwards a love for video games has been around. The industry saw a hike in the video gaming platform ever since the notion became public. Within the video games itself, people started creating various spaces, which attracted a lot of players to their desired platform to play. There are a lot of genres in video games which are celebrated at present as Esports games. In the following article, we will see some of the most famous and popular examples of Esports. Let us hit the article and observe various Esports.

Call Of Duty

The first and the foremost video game that is unanimously known and celebrated as Esports is none other than the widely popular CALL OF DUTY. This video game is widely embraced by people of all ages with most of the players constituting to the Gen Z players. It is mentioned that the game was made years back and even then the game attracted a lot of players to the field. This video game showed all the standard of the FPS Esports. Ever since its inception, the game attracts a lot of players across various lands.



The second one on the list is none other than the NBA 2K. The game was initiated in the year 1999 and was celebrated Esports that emerged from a basketball game. Ever since its initiation, the Esports hold hand in hand to and played well within the Esports as well as the National Basketball Association. The games are highly celebrated one among various players and have a venture named NBA 2K, which depicts the combination of these both hands.

Starcraft 2

The third one on the list is the greatest and the most popular one named STARCRAFT 2. Even though this Esports game has a rough history, the STARCRAFT 2 is one of the most celebrated and embraced Esports where the players are very dedicated to playing in the field. It is depicted that the WCS Global finals had more than 247,000 viewers in the year 2018 that made it clear that the Esports was a great game which had quite a viewership.


The fourth Esports video game is the greatest and the most awesome FORTNITE. Who hasn’t heard about the video game that is unanimously known to be an Esports? There are many controversies in the world and the gaming news which depicts that FORTNITE is one of the best video Esports games between the Gen Z as well as other age groups as well.

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

The last one to make it to the list is none other than PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, widely popular as PUBG. If you are into Japanese cult action video game, your hunt will stop at PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. This famous video game is also known as sports and is one of the fantastic battleground platforms that are highly embraced by many players across the world.

Top 4 Gaming Peripherals Every Gamer Must Know

Top 4 Gaming Peripherals Every Gamer Must Know

You may be a pro in the gaming field, or you maybe are in your infancy stage. Whatever the case is the chances of understanding the best peripherals and making that into use can be difficult. You must need an effective and highly controllable mouse, keyboard, and even the graphics should be excellent for any player to attain the best winning. There are a lot of options that may come into your mind when you think about the peripherals and the number of options put forward to you. With that in mind, we will see some of the best options of peripherals you can ever attain in 2020.

SteelSeries Arctis 5

The first and the foremost peripheral you may want to include in your gaming collection is none other than the SteelSeries Arctis 5. The headset, SteelSeries Arctis 5 is best known for its utmost comfortability, 7.1 surround sound and amazing soundproof ability. The headband, when placed on the ear and head, can feel the absolute calmness and comfortability. The amazing headband will help you to give a gym presence as if you are wearing those cans to the gyms. There are similar other headsets you can carry in your gaming bag like Razer’s Man’O War and Logitech’s Artemis Spectrum. Unlike these, Arctis 5 holds a special place whatsoever.

Razer Ornata

Razer Ornata

What is video gaming without a bunch of snappy finger keys with clicking and clacking of the keyboard? Razer Ornata is famous keyboard having backlight offering to the players. This is that type of gaming keyboard that can make your system and yourself go in awe! Even though by appearance, the keyboard stands out. It is also considered most favourable than the other significant competitors in the field, namely, Corsair K70s and Logitech G810s. You will be awarded with red blue and green coloured backlighting as well.

Cooler Master NotePal

The third equipment to carry in the gaming bag is none other than the Cooler Master NotePal. Over gaming can be very addictive, in order to avoid the heat eliminated from the keyboard, Cooler Master NotePal helps you to keep away from this heat produced. It is known to bet to avoid the laptop’s temperature and act as a cooling aid t the laptop’s temperature.

Logitech C922

The fourth equipment you must think of keeping it in the bag is the great and enormous Logitech C922. As a pro player there emerge platforms where you have to deal with the game face to face. This is where Logitech C922 pops in. the webcam allows you to play by providing a most HD platform keeping the gaming platform alive and offering the maximal of everything.

Watching Dota 2 esports: a newbie guide

Watching Dota 2 esports: a newbie guide

Dota 2 is known to be a fast-paced, five players packed game session combining play and plan strategy. Known for it is a hilarious learning curve, Dota-2 remains the most beloved of all esports in the market. What do you think might be the reason for such enrichment?

It still remains one of the most adrenaline-pumping gaming sessions available online. Like all other spectator sports, it is always challenging to jump into the game with no prior acquaintance. This article would help you navigate through the gameplay in an easier way.

Where to watch Dota-2?

If you would like to delve into the game this very moment, Twitch will be a very entertaining stream you would find. With most viewers picking up the same stream would indicate that that itself would be the right option.

Dota 2

What about those humanoid/robots/alien creatures?

At the moment, there are about 119 characters of all shapes and sizes. You may also find personation of many otherwise abstracts like gravity with V-cut abs. Two-headed dragons, ogres, and many more make up the plot quite picturesque.

Each character comes with three ordinary skills and an ultimate one. All heroes do not get the skills at once. They need to pick and choose each as they progress through the game. The ultimate skill requires a certain level to cross.

What is Drafting?

Almost all sports leagues follow a pattern where teams are accorded the choice to select players for their respective teams. However, there is a small tweak in Dota 2; here, it is not the drafting of players that happen instead of drafting heroes.

Professional games deploy a mode termed as Captain’s Mode, here teams ban and pick heroes. Picking will enable the hero while banning removes them from the available pool.

What is Happening?

Dire and Radiant

What makes Dota 2 different from its contemporaries is the asymmetrical map that it holds. The differences are subtle with a single division. On the bottom left was the glistening radiant, while on the top right was the gloomy Dire.

Both of them were separated by a river. The heroes will play in their respective sides, while players embark on an exploit to encounter their rival territory, similar to a basketball game.

At the same time, unlike conventional sports, there is no time set in stone. The whole game is about conquering the Ancient, an enormous building instituted at the opponent’s base.


From the start, heroes are seen to disperse and head along three distinct lanes: bottom, middle, and top. The game begins with the blaring sound of a horn that signals the entry of the creeps.

These creeps are imbecile minions that trail along each lane. They are hostile and combats opponents at sight; however, it is through them that players gain their direct experience and gold.

Why Invest in Esports?

Why Invest in Esports?

Esports is a platform that hosts a swarm of competitive veteran video gamers as part of a thriving global industry. Similar to the competitive field of conventional sports, so does esports involve competitions across a wide assortment of video games.

This industry has engendered a novel fad being a globally growing and investable one. Esports is being watched by a gargantuan 380 million people across the globe, to the extent that there were more views for the finals of League of Legends when juxtaposed to NBA Finals with an added 12 million witnessing the popular esports game.

With its burgeoning presence succoured by the disintegrated landscape and digital platform, the esports sector views the assurance of a melange of monetisation opportunities.

The Augmented Esports Audience

An esports market research states the global audience to be a colossal 385 million in 2017, of which 191 million are to be esports aficionados, and another 194 million were occasional visitors.

The growth of aficionados by 2020 was perceived to grow by 50%, escorting 286 million. The unforeseen pandemic has ushered a more substantial customer base for esports with everyone restricted to the walls of their home.

The craze for esports was perceived as an Asian phenomenon, however concurrently, only 51% of these esports enthusiasts are from Asia, and the remaining have been significantly constituted by North America and Europe.

Esports Audience

Another interesting aspect that is inspired by research is that 38% of esports fans are women; at the same time, 65% of enthusiasts are between the age of 18 to 34.

Surveys also enlighten the spending hours, which is a minimum of six hours a day, which has escalated into six hours a day, specifically under this pandemic. This is an impressive average for engaging customers and illuminates the massive potential this industry holds.

A Breath-taking Industry

The market value of esports has reached an elephantine $1.1 billion in 2019 and continues to grow enormously, estimated at a cosmic $3 billion by 2025. This phenomenal upswing has further been heightened with the advent of Covid-19 and the mandatory quarantine taking place.

From 2018, the year 2019 witnessed an escalation of 12.3%, which translates to $443 million. This same intensity of growth will facilitate an increased $600 million by 2020, which has translated to a more spectral profit inspired by the pandemic.


A period of eight years is sure to witness a $5 billion projection in the global market. The growth of esports is observed at a CAGR of 35.6%. The inclusion of esports in the 2022 Asian Games has paved the way for the gaming companies to develop revenue streams like the media companies.