Dota 2 is known to be a fast-paced, five players packed game session combining play and plan strategy. Known for it is a hilarious learning curve, Dota-2 remains the most beloved of all esports in the market. What do you think might be the reason for such enrichment?

It still remains one of the most adrenaline-pumping gaming sessions available online. Like all other spectator sports, it is always challenging to jump into the game with no prior acquaintance. This article would help you navigate through the gameplay in an easier way.

Where to watch Dota-2?

If you would like to delve into the game this very moment, Twitch will be a very entertaining stream you would find. With most viewers picking up the same stream would indicate that that itself would be the right option.

Dota 2

What about those humanoid/robots/alien creatures?

At the moment, there are about 119 characters of all shapes and sizes. You may also find personation of many otherwise abstracts like gravity with V-cut abs. Two-headed dragons, ogres, and many more make up the plot quite picturesque.

Each character comes with three ordinary skills and an ultimate one. All heroes do not get the skills at once. They need to pick and choose each as they progress through the game. The ultimate skill requires a certain level to cross.

What is Drafting?

Almost all sports leagues follow a pattern where teams are accorded the choice to select players for their respective teams. However, there is a small tweak in Dota 2; here, it is not the drafting of players that happen instead of drafting heroes.

Professional games deploy a mode termed as Captain’s Mode, here teams ban and pick heroes. Picking will enable the hero while banning removes them from the available pool.

What is Happening?

Dire and Radiant

What makes Dota 2 different from its contemporaries is the asymmetrical map that it holds. The differences are subtle with a single division. On the bottom left was the glistening radiant, while on the top right was the gloomy Dire.

Both of them were separated by a river. The heroes will play in their respective sides, while players embark on an exploit to encounter their rival territory, similar to a basketball game.

At the same time, unlike conventional sports, there is no time set in stone. The whole game is about conquering the Ancient, an enormous building instituted at the opponent’s base.


From the start, heroes are seen to disperse and head along three distinct lanes: bottom, middle, and top. The game begins with the blaring sound of a horn that signals the entry of the creeps.

These creeps are imbecile minions that trail along each lane. They are hostile and combats opponents at sight; however, it is through them that players gain their direct experience and gold.