Every year esports witnesses colossal public gaze. Esports observed the continued focus of mainstream media in 2019, with the cosmic $30 million prize pool at the World Cup tournament organised by Fortnite.

This behemoth industry, according to research, is estimated to generate $1.79 billion annually by 2022. This magnificence of this industry is contributed by its gargantuan audience, impressive cash pots, and brilliant sponsorships.

There are a plethora of genres to select from; if your craving for shooters, you have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but if you want to revel in sports, you have the blend of both worlds NBA 2K. This simply leaves you in utter muse with a melange of options anticipating your ultimate selection.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The masterpiece of the esports industry. The reliability and competitive mastery of CSGO has been extended by top-notch esports organisations across the globe. To this very time, CSGO is described as an intense shooter game that involves tactics and prowess because of the high-level play that is mere milliseconds.

Players are frequently in awe of the game, along with the lucrative market it holds. At the same time, the loose professional scene of CSGO can result in a slightly chaotic situation. The linchpin is the continued tournaments annually for keeping the charm of the players intact.

Global Offensive

League of Legends

With a mammoth 140 champions, LoL offers the solace of a multiplayer online battle arena. The charm of this game is the dynamic characters crafted through skilful animation. The players have been well catered for with an enormous payout of over $70 million ever since its inception in 2008.

It lures the players with its impressive gameplay that transcended beyond imagination to celestial glory. They have captured the harmonious blend of esports and music to fashion an aesthetic piece of art. The most commendable work was RISE.


Fortnite is an innovative game that is a battle royale where players unfurl themselves on an island; once there, they have to gather weapons; as the safe area of the island shrinks, they are forced into engagements to keep themselves alive.

This has been the celebrated game in the media because it lures a younger demographic and the celebrities that it has engendered like the Ninja, Tfue, and CourageJD. The most recent well-acclaimed project was Fortnite’s collaboration with Travis Scott in April 2020. This event witnessed a smash-hit 12.3 million players.


Dota 2

The sole contender to League of Legends with a multiplayer online battle arena fashioned by Valve. The genesis of it can be traced back to 2013. The primary variance between the two is its fund-raising and tournament winnings. The International, Dota 2’s greatest tournament, had a prize pool of $34.3 million for its winner.