Esports is a shared zealous escapade. This is an extremely slippery domain where crafting a niche for oneself is a Herculean task, simply because it is an ever-evolving arena. The success of esports is based on seasonal success, along with points and earnings – the primary metrics.

This is what fosters a chasm between the seasoned and the novice players. At the same time, the lucrative world of esports is ever-expanding with the augmented number of players, the magnified sponsorship deals, and the overall evolution it has traversed – fashioning a buzz around esports.

With each year witnessing historic victories, the veteran teams ensure to keep their legacies impeccable.

Team Liquid

The dawning of this esports team was observed in 2000 in the Netherlands. The various competitions it participated in were based on StarCraft 2, followed by Dota 2, and then a series of LoL, Street Fighter, and Super Smash Bros. Their venture into the novel esports domain is effervescent.

Their finest achievement was bagging the winning streak for the International 2017 tournament, the highlight of this game was the massive prize pool, and this was based on Dota 2. Their sponsors are Alienware and Kingston Technology HyperX brand.


Cloud 9

A popular name prominent even outside of the esports community. The genesis of this team was in 2013, and following the successes in the North America LCS, they began to expand their influence to other games Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Melee, LoL, Rules of Survival, and much more.

After two years of their inception, in 2015, they realised their reverie and emerged first as the Heroes of the Storm World Championship. This victory accorded them with the title of the first North American winner of a major championship.

Being one among the celebrated esports organisation, it has engendered prominent sponsors that include HTC, MSI, and the US Air Force.


They were previously known as FaZe Sniping. FaZe Clan is both an entertainment and sports organisation carving its niche in FPS games and FIFA. Having been established in 2010, it was consistent in bagging trophies.

This was not a myth but actualised in their massive $6 million merely as a prize. The impressive social media following renders them as well-acclaimed. This whole team has a tremendous 82 million subscribers with greater than 11 billion views.


SK Gaming

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of this esports organisation founded in Germany. Their dawning was as early as 1997, enkindled by a Quake clan in Germany, and there was never a looking back for them as a team.

The team etched their name in the esports industry, winning several Counter-Strike tournaments and soon branched out to Brazil. They won the ESLA ONE Cologne 2016 Major, with their teams now competing in LoL and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The major sponsors include Mountain Dew.