Gaming and Esports has been a fantastic friend during recess time or summer vacations. Parents might be whining about spending the entire day in front of your system and playing video games or Esports. What they or probably you may also not know that there are many benefits acquired to you when you play video games or Esports. Just like a coin, everything has its own negative and positive sides. Keeping the negative side apart, in this article, we will discuss more on the best benefits attained while you play online video game or Esports. We will see more in further post.

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The first and the foremost benefit we must not forget to mention in this list is none other than the health. Health is the first wealth if you ask us. Everything will remain zero if health is not looked after properly. Esports and video games will provide you with a proper and better focusing and attention to everything. You can see yourself facing lower stress issues, and if you are winning or enjoying, you feel content no matter whatever occurs. Gaming is obviously the most unique way of giving you better health conditions. It will also help you to make the Prefrontal Cortex, meaning, a part of your brain that aids in proper decision making more precise and accurate.

Hand Eye Coordination

The second and most benefit to the top list is none other than the HAND-EYE COORDINATION. Video game and Esports is a way how your hands and eye coordination and help you to win the game. This coordination will be smoothened with the help of video games. Just like tennis and badminton, where eye and hands play a significant part, video games will also be a significant difference. There are also studies that depict the hand movement, and the reflex actions and every gamer saw an improvement in the same.

Critical Thinking

The third one is Critical Thinking. This might be by far most useful and the most benefit of playing video games and Esports. If you don’t know about how gaming can help the gamers is by enhancing the critical thinking in the gaming platform. Critical thinking in gaming helps you to present information, processed and analyzed it, and takes a final logical step.

Problem Solving

The fourth benefit of playing video games and Esports is that they will help you to increase your problem-solving ability. Along with critical thinking and hand-eye coordination, playing video games also allows you to solve your own issue in a very vibrant way possible. This will also help you in real life when life put you in any problematic situations.